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While you drive or stroll around Hakushu area, the biggest road you’ll take is ‘National Route 20’ which use to be called ‘Koshu KaidoW’, a way that leads to Kai Prefecture (now Yamanashi Prefecture) from Edo (now Tokyo) in the Edo period.  The road is still a main arterial road as it use to be, where many commercial vehicles pass as well as private cars which in the past were horses, cow carriages, litters, running express messengers and people on foot.  The road used to be a course for Sankin-kotaiW, a trip of local DaimyosW’ (territorial lords) alternate attendance in Edo, as well as Ochatsubo-dochu (road for tea jars).  Not far from this shop, you can still find the trace of old Japanese social systems where old high street and stone monuments remain in the small village of Daigahara.


Replay of Ochatsubo-dochu in ‘Ochatsubo-dochu Gyoretsu’ festival in Tsuru-shi, Yamanashi. Photo from Tsuru-shi City Office

Of course there were no coffee shops before the Opening of Japan in 1854 but many tearooms existed on the travel roads serving Japanese green tea and sweets which were their dry breaks from the trip.  Still, before latter period of Edo, tea was precious and expensive beverage for the commons as for the tea was the special beverage only for Buke class (class of SamuraisW), the ShogunW owned his own tea plantation in Uji, Kyoto, made them to deliver once every year to Edo, forming Ochatsubo-dochu which were like the DaimyosW traveling but jars of tea handled like the noble.  People had to bow deep onto the ground until the row passed and could not overtake the row even if you are in a hurry!

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Cairn Coffee Shop is a shop located on a historical road, National Route 20, in Hakushu area. A lodge type of building in red is easily found on the route.
The shop has a relaxing café and a vending space where you can find local people gather for a special coffee break and buying their own coffee for home.  They serve several coffees by origin of the beans as well as blends.  The coffee we recommend are original Cairn Hakushu Blends blended to match the delicious Hakushu water which they have either in bitter or mild.  Because the water is a special stress in this area, brewing coffee out of this water is especially good and you ought to give a try if you are coffee addicted.  Even if you don’t like coffee that much because of the bitterness and the sourness, ‘Hakshu Blend – mild’ is a try.  The coffee comes out in a Japanese pottery (like Mino pottery) coffee cup which is what you cannot experience so much unless you are in Japan.
We are sure that the time in this shop may give you a special coffee break, like drinking tea from the Shogun tea jars as it’s located on the historical road and the quality of the water.

Cairn Coffee

  • Information :

    Address : 2913-228 Torihara, Hakushu-cho, Hokuto-shi, YAMANASHI Pref.
    Tel : 0551-35-4110
    Fax : 0551-35-2959
    Website : (Japanese only)
    E-mail :
    Opening Hours : 10:00 ~ 18:00
    Closed : Wednesday


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