It was not until the middle of Meiji PeriodW (1890’s) and later that eating beef in Japan became common when medical office of Ministry of the Navy of Japan recommended Western dishes to avoid Beriberi from lack of protein and the corned beef as emergency food provided by Western countries in 1923 Great Kanto EarthquakeW.
Before these periods, meats were wild boars, dears, sorrows, bears, hares, river otters and etc., while cattle such as horses and cows were for transportation and for farming but pigs and fowls were the only cattle for the meat (and eggs of course).  It was a taboo for many Japanese, especially for the Bushis (SamuraisW) regarding the teachings of Buddhism to kill animals for eating in the stated reason but hunted animals’ meat were thought not to be included in this taboo.

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Towns and villages among mountains had enough game meats from the nature which were the important protein source gave peculiar names to each meat like Botan (peony) or Yamakujira (mountain whale) for the wild boar meat, Momiji (maples) for deer meat and Sakura (cherry blossom) for horse meat so that the meat is not breaking the taboo emotionally.

We are sure that Hakushu area was one of the places in old Japan where people fed themselves sometimes with game meats because of the rich natural resources.  They may have simply roasted the meat when they are fresh and stored them in salt or Miso (soy bean paste) for there were no refrigerators. Not like the preservation method of the past but ‘Frank’ provides well-brought-up local pork ‘Fijizakura’, chicken and lamb in Western method, sausages, bacon, ham and aspic, now some items smoked in their local wood chips and great climate and the water of the place for nearly half a century.

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Their products are distributed to major restaurants and hotels which we are sure is a guarantee of the good and tasty product. The shop is located in an old village of Hakushu-cho, by Kamanashi River, one of the origin flows of big Fuji River.

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The location is hard to find, though you will find signs like the photos on the road which would take you without getting lost. The shop is next to the small factory, nice and neat home-type shop and there is also a restaurant inside where you can also feed yourself with sandwiches and sausages.


Their products are vacuum packed, suitable for you to take it along with you on trekking, mountain climbing or eating at your accommodation in the city. Decent price for a try!

Sausage, ham and bacon speciality shop – Frank

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    Address : 6807 Hakushu-cho, Hokuto-shi, YAMANASHI Pref.
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    Opening Hours : 10:00 ~ 18:00
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