Kawaguchi Sengen Shrine


There are many ‘Sengen ShrinesW’ or ‘Asama ShrinesW’ near Mt. Fuji. Both ‘Sengen’ and ‘Asama’ are the same, same in ‘KanjiW’ characters but read in different ways.

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Kawaguchi Sengen Shrine is one of the Sengen Shrines which enshrine ‘Konohanasakuya-himeW, a goddess of Mt. Fuji, built in 865. It was built in the year after the enormous eruption of Mt. Fuji in 864 which its lava flowed into many towns and villages spreading towards northern area of Mt.Fuji. The quantity of lava was so much and it divided the big lake ‘Seno-Umi’ into two, which later named as ‘Saiko LakeW’ and ‘Shojiko LakeW’.


Framed wooden petition praying for eruption of Mt. Fuji to settle down.

In 865, Imperial order of calming down the eruption of Mt. Fuji was issued by building a shrine enshrining the goddess of Mt. Fuji. After the shrine was built, they held a religious ceremony to extinguish the heat and fire still on around Mt. Fuji, which today is represented as the Spring Festival on 25th April and Odaidai Okagura Festival on 28th July. The Odaidai Okagura Festival on 28th July every year is well known for the ‘KaguraW’ performed by 10 girls from 7, 8 years old to 12 years old in the district.  They are all dressed up in traditional ShintoW Kimonos in red with crown-looking head dress and dances on the stage of the shrine, in front of the goddess.   You can look at the dance on YouTube below.

Kawaguchi Chigo-no-Mai

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The shrine is awesome as a construction but also breathtaking as the view of the huge old Japanese Cedar trees which are estimated as 1200 years old.  On the precincts stands 7 huge ceders which all have names and are designated as National Monument of Yamanashi prefecture.  Needless to say, the shrine is a part of what is forming the World HeritageW, Mt. Fuji now.

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Kawaguchi Sengen Shrine


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