Michi-no-Eki ‘KATSUYAMA’


Situated at the lakeside of Lake KawaguchiW, you can enjoy a nice view of Lake Kawaguchi from the park, ‘Koumi Park’, in front of the Michi-no-Eki. There is also a lakeside trail, ‘Kohan Yuhodo’ which is 1.6 km long, suitable for a nice walk.

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On the second floor of the Michi-no-Eki building, spreads out a circular deck where you can see the beautiful view of the lake and the mountains of the area. At sunset, the reflected sun on the quiet lake surface and the contrast of the dark shaded mountains pulls those who are watching into nature’s magical moment.

On the ground floor, local products are at sale, such as Suzu-bamboo craft, Koshu-gunai colander, ceramic artworks, highland vegetable of Mt. Fuji, flowers and pot plants, rock artworks, and many other products related to the area.


There is a small restaurant on the second floor where you could try a very popular curry with rice, ‘Itoriki Curry’ if you like spicy food. The curry comes from a Japanese style pub, ‘Itoriki’ located in Fuji Yoshida-shi, and the curry was one of their serving menu in the pub. It became popular after one of the famous Japanese advertising copywriter wrote and talked about the curry in media, saying that it is the best curry ever he had.
There are three types; Indian Curry (minced meat curry), Beef curry and Coconut curry. As always, there is an argument on this curry among people who tried them, good or not that much….. We wonder how you feel! There is a boil-in-bag curry too in the shop which you can take it back home for you to taste it in your country or for your friend’s souvenir.

There are also stalls of takeout food and another restaurant next to the site if the place is full as this Michi-no-Eki is one of the most popular Michi-no-Eki in Yamanashi.
Not recommended in National holidays in Summer for it’s too crowded you’ll have to be worn out to park the cars.

Michi-no-Eki ‘Katsuyama’

  • Information :

    Address : 3758 Katsuyama, Fuji Kawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun, YAMANASHI Pref.
    Tel / Fax : 0555-72-5633
    Website : http://www.yamanashi-kankou.jp/foreign/english/specialty/n_7086.html
    E-mail : Not Avaliable
    Opening Hours : 09:00 ~ 17:00 (may change due to season)
    Closed : Tuesday (if Tuesday is National holiday, the following day after the holiday)
    Car Park : 124 spaces (including 3 oversized vehicle spaces and 2 barrier-free spaces)
    Toilet : Available 24 hours
  • Facilities :

    ParkingToiletHandicapped AccessPublic TelephoneShopRestaurantSitting AreaInformation


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