Ojira River Ravine


Flowing from the heart of the Kai-Komagatake mountain, Ojira River runs through the canyon of the mountain with dramatic seasonal changes.  The beauty of the water is emphasized here the most with the nature changes – lucent fresh light green in spring, strong powerful emerald in summer, warm-lit colour dances of leaves in autumn and white & black ink brush painting like the old Japanese and ancient Chinese in winter.

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Among those seasonal changes, the Ravine shows its beauty the most in autumn when beautiful contrast of the sky, mountain, trees and the Ojira River is the most heart-tagging scene.

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Of course other seasons apart from autumn have their unique character. Summer is the best for playing in the river that runs only 5 minutes walk from the parking. Fishing and camping is also possible in summer while a little shop beside the river is open for the camping ticket.



The strolling course of the ravine takes you to various falls and brinks, small and large including emerald coloured ravine and many other places of interests. Wild animals appear often, including wild black bears which you should be aware of! A 5-minute-walk to Komagatake Shrine is also recommended for those who have no strength for long trekking.
For trekkers and hikers, appropriate equipment for mountain climbing are necessary.

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Ojira River Ravine


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