Saiko, Wild Birds’ Forest Park


On the Yamanashi Prefectural Road 21, branched from National Route 21 (Fuji Pamorama Line) near ‘Saiko Healing Village of Nenba (SAIKO IYASHI-NO-MORI NENBA)‘, there is a park where more than 60 kinds of wild birds existing nearby, coming to feed themselves on sunflower seeds which are placed on the birdtabels set in the park. There is also a lawn where you could lie down and enjoy your nap on a sunny day which has a lovely view of Mt. Fuji if the weather is lucky. You can also explore in the forest besides the park which in Autumn shows interesting varieties of fungis in varieous colours and shapes. But beware! Don’t pick to eat them. Some of the fungis are very toxic growing here.

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The maintenance office of the park is open to public as a reference room where you could see the pictures taken and other materials collected inside the park or nearby showing the wild animal lives of the area. There is a workshop on making wooden crafts making bird houses and bird tables for those who are interested in making (**Reservation required beforehand).

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Upstairs of the building, there are telescopes where you can sit and watch wild birds outside from warm indoors on a chilly day when you could more easily find various types of birds than in summer because of the lack of their food.   We strongly advise you to visit this park from November to March when birds would even come up onto your hands for their food.

Get your sunflower seeds to feed the birds!

Get your sunflower seeds to feed the birds!

Get you a packet of sunflower seeds with 100 yen (more for donation is welcome)! The tiny basket of sunflower seed packets are set in the entrance of the maintenace office.
But take off your gloves when feeding even though it’s freezing.  Birds HATE gloves, we’ve tried.

There is also a small coffee shop in the building where you could also have snacks or small meals.

Saiko, Wild Bird’s Forest Park

  • Information :

    Address : 2068 Saiko Nenba, Fuji Kawaguchiko-machi, Minimitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Pref.
    Tel : 0555-82-2160
    Website :
    E-mail : Not avaliable
    Opening Hours : 9:00 ~ 17:00
    Closed : Thursday (except in July & August, open everyday)
    Toilet : Avaliable
    Parking :Avaliable


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